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Strangers of earth

“I had my whole life since I was thirteen believed that I was alone […] I wish 
that I had known this when I was thirteen and not had to think that I was the only one in the whole world who didn’t want to have sex so it was a relief to 

know that there were meetings [for asexual]” Interview with:Martha(1)

People like Martha suffer a lot,feel minor and insufficient , never feel belonging  ,never feel happy by engagging in peoples pleasures.. they remain outsiders, strangers to this world of lust.
people like Martha are oppressed by the global current of sexism, where everyone become proud of his sexual drive,, a world that promotes sexuality as an adulthood bypass, as if sexuality is the most important side of  human being ,in fact, the most important concern .
those asexual people knew that they could never be accepted the way they are.

they come to face the eternal dilemma: “To be or not to be”
Them first choice was : wearing a mask, living fake in a sexual world , stereotype the self into any fake idendity likable by society and forgetting what is felt inside even if it implies living in pain,torture inside lifeless relationships.
The second and the toughest choice was to get out of the pack ,and be the lonely woolf.. living their reality,accepting their own uniqness and make peace with their eternal lonliness.

People like Martha, lived a lot in confusion but at last they found out, accidentally about asexuality.
By definition: asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction toward any gender.  Biologically,
The word asexual usually describes organisms that do not use sex (e.g.,

male and female variations) to reproduce.(2)

But to be clear:
Asexuality differes from sexlessness, it is not abstaining ,its not an illness symptots or a medication side effect.(3)
Asexuality,is simply a description of what the one feels inside toward other human beings. That doesnt mean asexual doesnt experience or feel romantic love, contrary They are fully capable of carrying and loving but with there own rare way.
Asexuals , have romantic orientation which are a gender preference that could widely vary by categories into straight,Bi,gay or type: polygamy,monogamy,Bdsm,etc..

However, people may say: if asexuality is the fourth sexual orientation and is commonly known worldwide,is it logic to discuss that issue here in Egypt,where people are deprived from social freedom according to laws that prevent adult from dating, living together or having intimacy outside marriage . But, as a matter of fact, Egyptians are so obssessed with sex which is widley recognised by latest statistics that monitor sexual harrasment percentage in Egypt to up to 98% of females are victims of , add to that ,the published google statistics showing Egypt as the second country world wide searching about porn.

After all,Martha made her choice and decided to be herself despite what people want her to be. people make their own destiny all the time and sex is not a life necessity to many, But living real is a necessity to anyone who respects his very existence. Being anything you want: straight,gay,asexual,with orange hair or yellow eye pupils, everyone is respectable and free.

(1)Discovering and explaining asexuality , Karin Andersson , Lund university.
(2) Asexuality what it is,and why it matters: Anthony F Bogaert - Brock University.
(3) The invisible orientation , Julie Sondra Decker.

Heba Y. Elnil

September 2017


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