السبت، 28 يناير 2017

بوح 28 يناير2017


May be this writing exercise is about investigating my own feelings and interpretations about these three words.
But what I actually felt is the deep connection between these three factors, that produces some coherent combinations by mixing each two ,one at a time.

Is an ambiguous word that is usually symbolizing other meanings and values.
To some, home is a land ,a building, a natural landscape ; or a bunch of friends, family members or even a small community , some believe that home is habits and daily routine. But I guess all these components of this so-called home could be transported, replaced or simply neglected without affecting my life profoundly.
To me home, is a mixture of all of these factors except that belonging to me is a reference to some more abstract icons and values.

Belonging to the soil, should be a universal instinct ,feeling for every land every atom of sand anywhere in this planet .
Earth is our supporter that never stopped to bear our existence on it's face, our mother that is feeding us, keeping us alive and curring our skin with mineral clay, she never refuses to hold our responsibilities.

Is the assurance message delivered from the sky bringing us the watering bless

This bless is what strengthen our roots within our earthy womb: the soil, and lets us flourish into a home complete and self centered, like plants and butterflies. With soil and rain we build our sacred home (our souls, ourselves).


I am a whole universe