الجمعة، 11 يوليو 2014

Meditation journal - Week 4

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Day 16 
Isis , was my mantra its an old Egyptian god, I once visualized the object but the mantra was sufficient.
fears to me are related to my physical weakness or not being able to defend myself in danger , so I am training to be more strong .
Day 17
Yesterday I meditated in a weird time which was 18pm,I got an interruption but wasn't distracted.
First I focused on the breathing process , first two deep breathes were conscious and for the others I focused on the unconscious breathes and that made me feel relaxed and absorb the universal energy. I adjusted my feet to follow the body part relaxation technique and then focused on being sabai and detached from outer world , I used my mental object to hug my mind and emit the center energy.
When it came to mantra I choose power to be echoed from inside while keeping the mental object shinning inside me.

It was great to notice the connection between time and space in deep breathing and the stand still moment of breathing and holding to that period really helped in relaxing the mind .
I felt more confident of meditation and more believer to it , I felt that I have everything inside , my heaven inside and the right thing to do is to simulate that heaven outside not the opposite .
slow and sabai , when I asked myself why to be on a rush when its the best moment of the day .

Day 19
rare notes

Day 20
My school teacher : Miss Lilian my teacher , her independence inspired me and she teached me that woman's dignity lies in her freedom .
yes I feel my home at my center. And each time i reached to be confused of how to start something or how to manage I think of my center and then feel ready.


I am a whole universe