الجمعة، 13 يونيو 2014

Meditation journal - Week 1

Thanks to , Peace_revolution.


I found out a forgotten wound inside of my soul as a terrible source of pain , and I am currently dissolving it .

I noticed that tears drown from my eyes without any feeling of sorrow or pain , just like if its a kind of purification or cleansing.
I feel I am at a comfortable distance from everything and everyone , and that what I really miss .
I feel more hope about problem's solving and that everything could be gently simpler.
I feel I want to hug myself deeply and keep hugging to keep my center source that bright within .

I still having these cleansing tears , it flow like a river.

I felt totally in today , but part of me still resist to believe
a part of me thinks its delusional someway but in the meantime a relief which i deeply need.
I was near the sea , feeling the sound of waves and my hair play with its fresh air.
I just felt , i wanna be there for always , i mean at the center of me
I didn't want to show up and engage with this bitterness of my everyday world.
I wanted to remain that joyful,happy, integral and independent.
it seems like this world is taking us away from ourselves.
I don't wanna to stay away from my center/source anymore , not even one day and that makes me so worry about what to do after the 42days.
I don't want to stop meditating , that helps me a lot bearing my burden.


I am a whole universe