الأحد، 9 فبراير 2014

Death as a bloomed rose

I chose : The rose from the Grim book . 

I guess , The author was promoting the happiness of after life for the miserable. 
the main story character is a young child girl who has to go to the forest each and everyday to pick up the woods and carry it back home.
she is poor , young and weak who have to work her part.

The author used a chronological time ,  set back in the old days surely before the fifty's : 
  • The girl went deeper into the forest 
  • A strange strong child appeared to her , carried the woods and gave her a rose 
  • Her mother put the rose in water 
  • When the rose bloomed the girl was dead 
And The story is realistic with respect to its time. 

"  The bloom rose "  as a christian symbol and how maturity means another phase of existence.

Even if the author held an outsider-observer perspective but the sequence was expected , except some unexpected events such as 

the strange appearance of the strong child and the mother treatment of the rose " The mother put the rose in water" : I guess that symbolize that Children are roses hydrated in the mother's vital liquid in her uterus and when they grow old & leave the first liquid they change differently or may be that's a symbol for the appreciation of beauty even for such poor family .

Justice  : 
Although the story promotes the unexpected rescue for the good people in the form of happy death and the after life salvation
 but all along the story it makes the reader have a deep sense of injustice : for such a small girl to go alone in the forest holding the woods all 
over the way and be obligated to do this everyday for they are poor instead of playing or go to school .
Even the end trigger the same feeling of injustice where the poor dies in such a cruel life.


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