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The future of story telling - ch5

#Assignment : describe a video game you like and why ? and what impressed you the most..

The Masque of the Red Death

Abstract of the game (source: bigfish games):
A mysterious figure in a red mask has been stalking the streets of a small French town, murdering city officials. The mayor calls you in to help track him down and stop him. But when you arrive, you discover that the townspeople all seem to be cheering for the Red Masque. So who is the real criminal? It’s up to you to decide

What impressed me
- the magical impression each story writer can feel when hearing the name of Edgar Alan Boo , his dark worlds all over his stories were amazing.
his words draw images inside our head or imagination I was so excited to see with my own eyes what I already illustrated in my head.
And it was really wonderful

That idea of lonely fighter who have the world on his shoulders, which i do like the most.

Graphics are amazing.

And How this story was interwoven/used in the game .
That point of the story when the facts mix and the one never become able to know right from wrong.
Is the red mask a criminal or a hero?
Is the mayor a Goodman or not? is it necessary that the system is always right?
but what we really find that its not true, and the system could be corrupted and so as its officers
That was pretty clear everywhere all over the game specially when the detective faces the mayor's obstacles and dangerous conspirators along his path to justice.
And after all , in the end , it was the detective – the player- choice to be neither the law or the spirit of law and to decide the last action of the game.


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